Greece trip is going well so far, praise God. They all arrived safely to Larissa. That is the team by car – Vali, Cristi, Sandina, Ana, Sami, Adina and also Dwight, by plane. George and Despina are some of the most welcoming people, ever. In the evening they all attended the church there where George spoke about being filled with the Holy Spirit.
The next day, they all went in the morning to visit our Vlahos brothers and sisters in the village nearby and to speak about our Lord to the other villagers.
For the afternoon they had two teams: one going in the city park to spread around Bibles and one other went back to the Vlahos village to preach the Word with Goga, a Vlahos brother.
Then on Sunday they went in the morning to the Larissa church and for the evening to the Katerini church, to introduce the ministry there to about 70 people.

Pray God gives them grace for the next days of the trip!


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