On the first days we went to an Egyptian gypsy village! The relationship between the brothers in the church and them led me to believe that it was not the first time they were going there to talk to them. The people that listened to us were really curious and they even wanted us to talk to them. The Lord does work mightily!!!

On Sunday evening we went to a bar where we praised the Lord! Many Christians testified in front of a whole village about what the Lord has done in their lives. I was very happy when I saw many young unbelievers there and who were paying a lot of attention to people’s personal testimonies. I sure hope God will work in their hearts and changed them for the lorry of God and for this I know there’s a need of prayer. I will pray for it continually.

The last 3 days we have been on the island of Alonissos. It is there where we met with a Romanian lady who was praying so much that one day a Romanian would come and have fellowship with her. She only knew Romanian and I could see God worked so greatly when we met her.

I can only thank God who cares so much even for only one person! All praises to Him. I for one, have a lot to learn. (Ana Ioncea, 12)

All the time we spent in Greece we wanted to fulfill the word of God in Colossians 4:2-6:
“Conduct yourselves with wisdom towards outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned as it were with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person.”

Because we must have grace when we speak coz it comes from God and salt prevents deterioration of this world.
We met again the church in Larissa where the children of God were serving so faithfully with joy and giving. Everyone from the church was involved in something. Everyone had something to do. We went with them in an Egyptian gypsy community where we could see the friendship there is between those two groups. It was very fruitful!
Then one night we went with a few sisters from the Dominican Republic and with the church’s pastor and we handed Christian literature in a park. We even met there young Romanians from Iasi and we spoke to them about the Lord and told them that there is a church meeting in town with youth meetings and everything.

May God work on their hearts and may He bring them one day to Him until it is not too late.
Because our Lord is faithful to His promises, because He is a personal God, One who cares for every soul, we went to an island where He prepared the meeting with one soul who longed to have Christian fellowship with Romanians, because she only spoke Romanian.

So we found Angela, this sister from a village near Oradea, Spinus, who left Romania 2 years ago. Her sister Viorica was very happy as well to spend some time with us and with a group of British Christians that was also residing on the island. All this time we fully felt God’s protection through the fulfilling of His promises and I can only bring Him praise from all my heart for His mercy towards me and because He saved me and allowed me to be His child!
(Sandina Ioncea, 36)


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