God’s children and economic crisis

In Austria: the work schedule has been reduced and the people have started now to use more the city transport; at least one of the 2 cars owned by a family is now out of use.
In Spain, it’s already common that a flat is shared between more than one family or that there is a constant moving to a cheaper location feeling and even reality.
The two families we’ve been visiting in Austria, are facing problems as well; what’s interesting is what they make of it.
The Iluca’s (Marius & Lili) are saying: “Since October they started to make people redundant; we had 3 weeks holiday in December for lack of financial resources”. Marius eventually lost his job.

The other Iluca’s (Dorel & Cornelia) are happy that they get to spend more time with their family and with God, now that their work time has been reduced.
More and more Romanians are coming home from Italy, Spain and other countries where they’ve seeked better jobs and better lives. The ones who still stayed behind are only staying to pay their debts.

This is the case of Ciprian and Mona from Pisa, people who trust in God’s grace and faithfulness.

This massive exodus, first to the countries that could provide with a better living, then back to the country of origin, reminds me of the biblical Exodus and it makes me wonder: are any of them heading to the Promise Land? What is their Promise Land? Are they looking for the Lord of fulfilled promises? I am referring to the people that do not know God or refuse to trust Him on a daily basis.

This situation also makes me think of the biblical Naomi and how she came back from Moab destitute: poor, no family, no happiness. But Naomi came back to Bethleem, which is the House of Bread, and God blessed her!

Probably many of the people out there who lost their jobs and lost even their hope wonder where is God when they most need Him? But God is there! In times of trouble, in times of joy, He is a constant presence!

May the people that seek the Lord find Him and may they be blessed with faith in the things unseen yet, because “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of the things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)
In Christ and believing His promises, Ana Popa


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