Upon returning from my latest mission trip to Greece I come back with a deep conviction our Lord is on the move there. In the church in Larissa, pastored by George Yphantidis, I see excitement among the church members. There is an interest in the work we do here in the medical field. We have 3 nurses on staff visiting any who need but especially the very old shut-ins. Many who never read the Bible are now listening and learning about our Lord through the work of our nurses. There are young medical students in Larissa interested in the possibility of starting such a work there.

This is true of another church in another city, Katerini, where I preached in the evening. Young believers, seeking ways to spread God’s gospel. One interesting note. In Larissa a young man from a Muslim country sat next to me during Sunday service. His father a Muslim preacher back in his home country. [Country and names excluded for his safety] The young man of maybe 24 years had scares on his face. I found out later that fellow county-man of his nation have beaten him to near death. Only the police arrival has kept him alive. He is under constant threat. But thanks to grace of God, and faithfulness of Pastor George and the church as a whole he is growing and praising our Lord.

Please pray for a strong revival in Greece. Include Romania please.
Thank you all who are partners in prayer and finances for being co-workers in this work.
Dwight Stone


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