In mid May a team of 3 left Bucharest to travel to Yerevan, Armenia.Thanks be to our Lord there is a building relationship between the Romanian church and Armenian Church.
We helped in the 4th annual youth conference. 95 of us gathered for 3 days of Bible teaching and fellowship. It was a wonderful time.
A look at a map of the area can tell you how important this little country is. During our time together many of us prayed for a great revival in Europe with the youth on Armenia, Romania, Ukraine, and Moldova leading the way, under our Lord’s banner.
Please join us in praying for a great revival in Europe. Our God selected Europe by directing the apostle Paul to go there. (Acts 16). Our Lord commands us to go out and fill His house (Luke 14:23)

Lets work together for this now!
Thank you!
Dwight Stone


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