Nagorno Karabakh is not a name that many are familiar with. It is a country located inside Azerbaijan next to Armenia and north of Iran. It has been populated by Armenia’s for centuries, but during the Soviet days was given to Azerbaijan. Once the USSR fell apart a war started between Armenia and Azerbaijan over this territory. Armenia won against overwhelming odds.

There are two Baptist churches in the whole of the country. I was invited by Asatur Nahapetyan, General Secretary of the Armenian Baptist union, to sponsor and teach at the first ever youth conference in the territory. Oh the young people really responded wonderfully. It was an absolute thrill for me to be there. And for all who help the ministry financially, thank you for your partnership by enabling us to do this work of our Lord’s.
Go make disciples of all the nations. As a group of us drove north into a military zone to a small town to preach, all along the sides of the road were destroyed buildings by the hundreds and burned out tanks and other equipment of war. Minds fields all around. But at the end of the road a group of people to listen to us preach about our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. Most were unbelievers, but they listened intently.

All praise to our Lord we know what our great God will do.
Isaiah 55:9-11. Oh how great our Lord God is He never fails.
Thank you all for your prayers and help.
Dwight Stone


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