Recently Dwight Stone and I as part of ECM Romania had the privilege of traveling to Armenia where we visited and preached to nearly 10 churches in multiple different cities including one in the country of Georgia.

While it was amazing to be a part of the Lord bringing dead hearts to life in Christ all across Armenia, the highlight of this trip was a youth conference we held with over 130 young people attending; over 90 of which were not born-again believers.

But what was incredibly unique about this conference was the nearly 20 refugees from Syria that had just recently escaped the fighting. 
We were able to hear many of their stories and they were stories of unbelievable struggle, hardship, and even torture.
One of the girls we were able to befriend was kidnapped by Turkish soldiers with her mother, sister, and father trying to flee the war in Syria. While in prison, the soldiers abused and tortured them.
They were able to escape again and ran in the woods for 2 days until they were captured again.
When they were finally released, her dad had died of a terrible sickness and they had scars that would take way more than medics to heal; it would take the arms of a Savior.
The love of a Father in heaven above.
She found this on the last day of the conference when she accepted Christ as her savior and wept and wept crying out in repentance, faith, and joy. Joy that she had found hope in our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many more at this conference professed faith in Christ as well.
I was incredibly honored and humbled to be a part and please pray for these young people across Armenia that have found new life in Jesus Christ.

Josh Ferguson


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