August 22-24 - ECM sponsored a Pastors conference in Armenia.
98 brothers came from 4 countries and 1 war zone, Nagorno Karabakh.

Our lead speaker was Cornel Boingeanu, Pastor of Holy Trinity Baptist church Bucharest, Romania. Our subject was leadership. There was great fellowship and teaching and prayer. Great music as well from 2 local men who were great.
These pastors traveled from great distances, over mountain roads to come and be part.
Please pray for Armenia and the surrounding countries. We have cause to rejoice as our Great and Wonderful Lord is doing some very powerful things in this part of the world. I rejoice just being part of this conference.
Thank you all for helping ECM come alongside these faithful men for the glory of our Lord. They need continued and increasing help.

After our conference in Armenia, Pastor Boingeanu of Bucharest, plus 3 of his church leaders and I joined Asatur Nahapetyan, General Secretary of the Armenian Baptist churches.
In addition 2 Pastors from Georgia,Valera and Sasun, traveled to the Black Sea city of Batumi. The city is at the Turkish border and has no Christ centered church at all. Many Turks are moving over into Georgia and buying properties there.
All of our group agreed that we cannot allow this movement without planting a church in this city to offer a testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Salvation. We are praying and looking for people in this city who know the Lord or who will respond to the gospel.

There is a possibility of a Romanian believer moving to this city as a missionary.
Please pray for there is very little Christ centered testimony in this area. 
Dwight Stone


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