When I arrived in Yerevan, Armenia two weeks ago, one is struck by the dominate feature over all the landscape, Mt. Ararat (Gen 8:4). God chose this mountain to be the resting place for Noah’s Ark, and for the only survivors of the human race. Every one of us came from this mountain Ararat. They would have descended into the river valley that today forms the border between Turkey and Armenia.
Today in Armenia, under the leadership of Asatur Nahapetyan, Pastor of Central Baptist Church and director of the seminary, there are vibrant, growing churches. Since 2006 Asatur and I have been holding youth conferences, where the churched youth invite the unbeliever to hear God’s gospel. By our Lord’s doing and His glorious grace, many new believers are filling churches all around the country.

Last week Asatur and I traveled to the far South of the country to within a mile of the Iranian border. We preached and taught and saw the group there encouraged by our Lord’s provision. In all we visited 6 different locations on this trip. Asatur and I share the same goal to work until our Lord’s house is filled. (Luke 14:23)

We challenged them, as our Lord challenges all of us, that His mission must have absolute priority in our lives (Luke 14:25-35). This requires commitment, as our Lord teachers in this passage. Will you help us with real commitment to see our Lord’s work completed?

Thanks to all who have been with us on this mission. 3 John 5-8
Thank you fellow workers, press on time is running out.
By His grace Dwight Stone


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