Surely you think they are dangerous and perhaps you would never use one, especially around your loved ones. But what if there is a weapon you can use, safely and even joyfully at times? Prayer! Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons; you would have to have a license though. That’s right, it’s not as easy as you think. Your license can be renewed when requested. Ok, enough enigmas, I am referring to faith. Prayer and faith go together. There is no boundary to it. But there is a God, the Almighty God who answers to a perseverant and faithful prayer.
Use the above mentioned weapon without ceasing.

How many of us ever considered praying for the country of Georgia? What about for Armenia? Or for the province of Nagorno Karaback? These are all countries not far from Dagestan, a place where in the month of July, a missionary was brutally murdered by people who need to see Christ in an authentic way and repent of their ways.

Friends, it’s October and it is time for another mission trip to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. This year we have added a visit to the Republic of Georgia as well. The friendship that has developed over the past 6 years between the saints in Armenia and Romania is very encouraging. In May of this year we had our first visit to Georgia. Our time was spent mostly in the Armenian speaking areas of South-Western Georgia, not far from the Black Sea.
We had our first youth meeting there, with about 24 young believers from Akhalkalaki and Akhaltsikhe came lead by Pastors Sasun and Valera. They long for a group of young Romanian believers to come and fellowship with them.
General Secretary of the Union of Evangelical Baptist churches of Armenia, Asatur Nahapetyan and I will travel to Georgia in late October to encourage the saints there. Please pray for us and for the church in Georgia to grow in the faith.

We shall also travel into Nagorno Karabakh to hold our 3rd youth conference there in the capital city of Karaback. The locals call the place Artzak, or the Black Mountaneous Garden and this area of the old Soviet Union was under Muslim control for 70 years. So hearing the Gospel concerning Jesus Christ is new and being received openly. A good number called upon our Lord last year.
Pastor David Doster, of Burke Country Community Church of Morganton, North Carolina will be with us and doing much of the preaching and teaching. We need your prayers to help open this vital area for our Lord.

We will also will be in Yerevan, Armenia meeting with youth from this past May’s youth Conference. Last year about 200 came to be encouraged in the faith. Pastor Doster will also be teaching in the seminary while Asatur and I are in Georgia.
Friends our Lord has given us an opportunity to make known His Good News in this area. But as God’s Word teaches us, there will be enemies seeking to stop or disrupt (Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians 16:9). If you support us in prayer or financially you are partners in this work. So please get to work for our Lord’s honor.

Thank you for all you are doing for us, Dwight Stone
Ana Popa


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