Dear brother Dwight, Thank you very much for the time you and your team came to see us. It is always great privilege for us to have you and really joy to refresh fellowship together. My wife likes so much when young people from Romania sing.
For all these years of friendship my whole family and believers in this area appreciate very much brothers and sisters from Romania and for sure you amongst them. You have been a real blessing and an encouragement to many saints in Christ. Praise the Lord!

My wife and I are regularly praying for you to have strength to continue serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the place He has put you. Praise the Lord that in spite of all difficulties God gave to you strength to expect many blessings in the future.
We are pleading with you in prayer to the Lord for your vision of 10% of Europe to be saved! Our God is great and we need to expect great things. Praise His Name!

Please pass our love and greetings to your team.
Branko and Zajecar team


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