I praise God for a very encouraging mission trip to Serbia. One more time, our Lord’s Name was honored as we could see His faithfulness at work.
At Camp Timok, near Zajecar, Branko Tihojevic and his family hosted a conference for our fellow believers there and for some non believers. Our team of six was very encouraged. We had Dwight Stone with us, together with Vincent Price, Ion Vasile, Andi Nistoroiu, myself and a pastor from Covasna (Romania), Viorel Sintoiu, who was very excited to serve in Serbia and plans to get involved even more.

Unlike other years, this was the first time when there were much more people than before, around fifty. There were people there who even came from Belgrade. And at least four or five had never had anything to do with evangelical Christians. The message on Saturday was beneficial for pastors and for non believers as well.
And then on Sunday morning we went to serve in the church of Negotin, and in the evening in Zajecar. We enjoy bounding again with our friends and co-workers in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their biggest need right now is their own building in Zajecar. Please pray that the authorities will not hinder this at all. And may the light of Christ shine over Serbia!

For His glory,
Andrei Vasile
ECM NA-Romania Team


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