What a delightful visit we had from our brothers and sisters in Zajecar, Serbia!
Between the 5th and the 9th of November, we had the wonderful gift of having with us an old friend of the mission, Branko Tijojevic.
Until now, we kept him for ourselves, the ones who visited him in Serbia beforehand. But the churches in Bucharest and in Campina were truly refreshed by the presence of this dear brother in Christ.
Oh, but he did not come alone. No no. His wife, Rada came along and for the 1st time in Bucharest, Tamara – their daughter-, Novitze their son in law and Marta, their little spirited niece.
The evenings were blessed by dinner at Sandina’s place and grill at the church.
But meanwhile, they had some visiting to do.
They went to Budesti the next day they arrived. Branko and Novitze are the only ones who speak vlaha, the type of Romanian they use along the border with Romania. So they even interacted with the kids and adults gathered there to sing, pray and listen about Christ.
Then next day Branko encouraged the church in Bucuresti through a Bible message about membership in Christ’ family. It was sector 4 turn afterwards to be visited and so we did. Rediului Street was very welcoming, even ready to host in one of its ditches Rada and her niece Marta. Our Serbian friends met some of the children and grown-ups there and were excited about the ministry.
Well, all this visiting had a stop in Campina, where, after the Sunday evening service we were hosted by the Vasile’s family overnight. Campina visit blessed the church and their pastor through renewing of friendship and mutual love in Christ.
We could not let them leave without a quick stop for a visit in Sinaia, where the Peles castle – build by the 1st King of Romania, Charles the 1st – , smiled to them from the top of the hill.
The Serbian group smiled back, only this time to us from the highway, as they were saying good-bye on Tuesday morning. The visit is over, for now, but the memories remain to be cherished.

Thank You, Father in Heaven!
Ana Popa


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