It has been many years since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, but in Southern Serbia the effects of their control of spiritual darkness still covers this land. Then came Marshal Tito and more of the same darkness. Then the brake up of Yugoslavia and bitterness filled the land. Wars, hatred, revenge. But all praise, glory and honor to our Lord for He was preparing some special men to come with the gospel.

One of these special servants in Branko Tihojevic, his wife Rada, and their family. Today they live in Zejacar, Serbia, near the Bulgarian border. Rarely does a man find such a faithful servant and such a humble family. But we have found one in Branko and his faithful work.

This week I and two of the brethren traveled from Bucharest, Romania to encourage our brothers and sisters. We planned greater cooperation in the years to come between our mission group in Romania and two churches, one in Bucharest and the other in Campina. We will come and help them reach others in this needy land. Friends our Lord looked out at the crowds, and was compassionate towards them. ( Matt 9:35-38).

Will you help with prayer and helps (2 Cor 9:6-11)?
It is time to fill our Lords house! (Luke 14:23).
But it will require sacrifice (Luke 14:33).
Let us all truly be the salt to this sick world! (Luke 14:34, 35).

Please contact the ECM office and director Vincent Price and let him know what you plan on doing to fill our Lords house.

Thank you,
Dwight Stone


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