“A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God.”
“A small team from Romania returned from Spain, where we visited 4 cities with the purpose to strengthen and encourage the brethren. Acts 14:21,22).

We were the ones greatly encouraged realizing that our Lord has raised up two ministry teams in Spain now who are going out to do the same. Each trip we meet more and more young Romanian believers who are eager for the challenge to witness and make disciples. We are asking our Lord for 15% of all of Europe to be saved. Our Romanian brothers must stir up the Spanish brothers, and this is being worked on. All praise to our Lord who enables us to do this work. (Dwight Stone)

“We’ve been encouraged to witness how the Romanian brothers in Spain were seeking for ways to visit and build up the Romanian believing groups scattered throughout Spain.

We’ve met brothers and sisters filled with zeal for the Lord, people that met the Savior in this foreign country. We praised God for changing their hearts. Now, their main preoccupation is spiritual harvest.
Personally, I’ve been challenged to treasure better the usage of my time. It’s been a good example for me to see how full hearted and ready for ministry these people were after a 10 hours a day work.
May the Lord be praised for His care for our brothers!
(Cristi Neagu)


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