What an amazing testimony for the Spanish team?!?
It was a great week we had with them, going to various places such as Hulubesti, Budesti, Chitila, Sector 4 and Campina. Here is a summary of the wonderful things we attended, translated and rolled up our sleeves to be at service. All for the glory of God!

Hulubesti – Emilio’s testimony; the Bible story with Jane, The puppet show with the girls.
Budesti – going on the various streets of Budesti and chatting with adults and children had a good impact. People came to Budesti Christian Centre on Saturday and two of the ladies who attend the meetings are being great witnesses for God’s Kingdom
Chitila – ministering to adults and kids about the Kingdom of God. People there are very opened to the Gospel.
Sector 4 – the kids had a great time learning a song in Spanish, meeting the girls who had a special program prepared for them and learning more about the Lord.
Campina – this was the last meeting the Spanish team had with a few pastors here. Prayer requests were shared, as well as testimonies and God’s faithful Word.
After all the time spend with the Spaniards, we felt we were actually only one team, blessed with a fellowship and with the honor of serving our Lord of Hosts, our Redeemer and Savior who won the victory on Calvary, for us.

And this is why in times of trials and distress, we have to remember what the Lord declares in His Word:
"Como Me voy a olvidarme de ti? Estas clavado en mis manos!" (Spanish version) – "How could I forget about you? You are written in the palm of my hand!"

For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile


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