If you’re having Valencia on your agenda for March, think again.
It means Fallas! Everything that cracks, snaps or just makes a noise is fired up daily, for the whole month, from morning till evening.
Don’t worry, it’s all legal. From bringing offerings to Mary, parades and setting “Mascletas” – big dolls – on fire to street corners to a delightful fireworks sight in the middle of the night to put an end with the noise.

Torrent is just one place we visit time and time again. And it’s a town we’re supporting in prayer. You know, prayer may be silent compared to firecrackers. But it sure can have a stronger effect than some noisy little things.
Perelló, Monserat, Montroy are only a few of the villages around Valencia who have a significant number of Romanian population. The believers, who are too far from a church, meet in houses. To pray. To fellowship. To hear God’s Word. To look for guidance. To be together. To pour out their hearts.

This is our ministry. To encourage people to love and good deeds. It does not mean we’re off to these places just to tell people “Be brave”, and “you need this or that” although sometimes that’s all they need to hear. It means we’re off to let them know, once more, that God is near, He does not leave us, and He does not forsake us. He is near and He is working in His children, with His children.

From small group meetings to prayer evenings, from women’s meeting to social cases meeting, from church meetings to fellowship, we were there with a message. Revival! Dwight, Dani and I (Ana) together with Alex Vlasin, a representative for the Romanian Baptist Community, took part to an evangelistic campaign and Bible study evenings, for twelve days (10th-22nd of March). We were blessed to learn more about the people and to pray with some of them, to share a meal or to lodge with them.

Conclusion? There’s need of a revival! The dictionary calls revival “a restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor after a period of obscurity, a time of reawakened interest”.
May we consider taking God’s Word seriously and set our priorities straight.

Revive us Lord Jesus, we ask you!
For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile


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