The Italy missionary trip was a long one, but equally filled with blessings. Every time there’s an act of love shown through their hospitality and affection, we are reminded of Christ’s love. We visited many friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and it was great seeing again the people in Pordenone.
We do hope our visit encouraged them as it encouraged us. Ponsacco, a town near Pisa was the place where the youth conference was held. As a main topic, we learned about God’s calling to Life, Holiness and Heaven; a very welcoming study for the youngsters and a way to reinforce our relationships with the Romanian and Italian believers. Here are some of the trip’s highlights:

- Whilst present at a prayer meeting in the Romanian church in Cascina (Italy), we had a very nice surprise to meet an Italian councilor at the Town Hall who said that the Italians and the Romanians need eachother and need to work together. He ensured everyone there that the Town hall will support them from now on.
- The testimony of two former nuns in the Italian Church in San Romano was very encouraging; they were testifying how for 13 years a pastor came to them to share the Gospel…and God changed their lives. Halleluiah!
- Within the Romanian believers we were very happy to see another answer of prayer; we prayed for some time for someone to come to faith and it happened.

Our prayer life was encouraged and we are asking God to provide for more funds to be able to visit more often our brothers and sisters, even if they’re Bulgarians or Albanian – in the middle of an Italian church – it matters what keeps us together: Christ’s love!

Luiza & Adi Ghetu


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