It was a great privilege for us to be together with our brothers and sisters from Italy for a whole week. We had a good time of fellowship with the family that was kind enough to host us, we tried to encourage and we enjoyed our time together. We were encouraged to find out that some of the Romanian families understood their role as children of God even so far from Romania.

On Thursday evening we met the Romanian youth from Torino during their rehearsals and we had afterwoods a good fellowship time with them, reinforcing our Christian relationship with them.

Together with a some of the youth from Torino, we visited Ponsacco, a small town where we went to encourage the local church.

God works in an amazing way and a few sisters testified for that in Ponsacco. Adriana, a Romanian sister, said that her mother came to faith while attending some Saturday afternoon Bible studies; another Italian sister said that she used to struggle emotionally, but since she was attending Bible studies God helped her to find a balance in her life.

We encouraged our fellow-workers in Christ that they should continue their fellowship with the Italian brothers and sisters and that they would start projects together. We’re hoping that in the future we’ll work with a number of Italian pastors and youth leaders.

We’re praying for 15% of the EU now to come to faith and that is why we need the help of the Italian brothers. We’re soldiers in God’s army and this is why we all have to work where God placed each one of us.

Adi and Luiza Ghetu


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