The ECM team spent the weekend in Ramnicu Valcea, ministering to the local Baptist church and in Copaceni, village 60 km away from this city. On Saturday we did ministry work among the children in Copaceni and on Sunday evening, we were able to serve in the same place and meet with the entire local church. This mission point was started by a young couple, who moved into the village and is using their house’s bottom floor for meetings.

Here are some words from the team:
"God blessed my time in Valcea and encouraged my faith. I met some special believers in the village nearby, Copaceni and I was impressed by their sacrifice for the Lord. It’s a young family with 2 kids and the 3rd on the way. They used to live in Avrig, a town near Sibiu, but they left the comfort of a town for an unfinished house at the countryside where they all sleep in one big room. Nevertheless, their heart is for God and for His Kingdom so from last fall when they moved in to Copaceni, 20 more adults came to their gathering of 10 and the number of kids for Sunday school increased as well. They put themselves in God’s hand and they are blessed for that. I thank God for that which makes me both humble and blessed. 
In Christ, 
Andrei Vasile

"Our God is an awesome God! I have truly seen this in Copaceni and in Ramnicu Valcea this past weekend. I had great joy serving the Lord there, being able to sing with the children different Christian songs, having the Bible lessons, and seeing how the Lord is doing His work in me , in us as a team, and also in the children who were listening. Praise the Lord for His mercy and great love for me and for allowing me to be a servant for His kingdom!" Geanina Moasa 

"The children’s joy and willingness to always learn something was overwhelming to me! The Lord taught me to always rejoice no matter what I go through!" Anna Ioncea 

"I was deeply touched by these people’s eagerness to serve the Lord! This couple moved to this village because of their love for God and they served Him full of joy and strength! They open their house for God every week and show a real love to the people there! The ministry started there is unbelievable and I pray that God will touch every single heart who has heard about Him, there!" Silvia Baumgarten


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