After 8 hours driving to Caransebes, more then 400 miles, we spent some moments up, on the top of Little Mountain (Muntele Mic), enjoying the nature that God created.

Next day we had the conference.

Here are some thoughts from a few people who attended at the conference:
"It was very encouraging to see at both conferences that everyone was paying attention and listening to the teaching. Everyone was very kind and loving. I pray they both spread the work of God!"

"I thank God for the opportunity of going to Caransebes and I praise Him for the healthy message I have received there. I have learned how important is to accept the Word of God and to share It with others for His glory."

"Praise be to the Lord for making possible the trip to Alexandria and Caransebes and being able to listen to His Gospel taught by the 3 brothers from Hickory, NC, USA. I have realized how important it is that the Word of God is shared to the person God sends to you, at the right moment, so that this person, in his/her turn, will share it with others, making His name known throughout the world."

"I am glad that I understood how important it is to tell the people the Word of God in the right way."

"It was a wonderful privilege to share at the conferences in both Alexandria and Caransebes. Many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ came to hear of God’s vision and strategy for making disciples of all nations."


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