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Adam, Codruta, Ana—Maria and Similiana are 4 orphan children brought in Sinaia from Lugoj, from an orphanage of over 200 children. They all have sever mental retardation. In their vocab there are only a few words, they don’t know how to read or write at the age of 22. I talked to them all the time and played memory games; I started to teach them the alphabet and the numbers up to 10; I taught them how to pray and to memorize verses or songs, as much as they could. Teaching them how to be thankful and how to say “I’m sorry” was different for them. They need someone who can stay there with them permanently and take care of them daily; there are volunteers that come for a while and then they go. They told me that everyone leaves from them and goes back to their home but they cannot leave because they have no home.
I pray I comforted their hearts by saying that our house is in Heaven and we will go there when Christ will return. We also talked about repentance and the meaning of it.

They need God’s help and His word is for hurting, lonely and abandoned hearts. He hears their cry! Pray for them!
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