Andreea helped an old lady cross the street the other day. Poor woman she was so lost that Andreea took her home.
As a thank you, the old lady invited her to have lunch with her sometimes. But as we do so many times we think people are just being nice and not really mean it when they invite us over.
Andreea thought about it and a few days later she went to this old lady’s apartment block, although she was not thinking she was still expected for lunch.

To her surprise, the woman was in the balcony, looking for … Andreea. So the two of them ended up being at the same table, in this old lady’s house. The place looked really dirty and the meal a bit off but Andreea was there as a witness for the King of Glory!
These are the people Christ calls. The poor and the needy, those who want to hunger for righteousness and for the Kingdom of God!

Pray for the nursing ministry and for the house calls!
-The nursing ministry department -


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