To be or not to be sick. Is that even the question?
Maybe we all know our Lord answers prayers. Ok, sometimes we doubt it. True! But it’s faith that leads us to wait for that answer whenever and however it would come. Do we have faith? Because that is the real question.

Cornelia is a seriously sick woman, with a bunch of heart, liver and other failures. She also had a dermatological problem on her legs. Basically her skin suffered a lot so she had wounds all over her legs.
Andreea and Lidia went there three times a day, helping her with just taking care of those wounds, feeding her, bathing her, taking her to the hospital and so much more. She was not aware of many things due to the drugs she was prescribed and possibly other things. Since she has no one in the family near her, there were a lot of phone calls from France to our nurses, just to check up on our sister Cornelia.
Now, back to answered prayers. She is almost healed now. Her condition did improve. You see, I might be accused of being proud of these nurses, but without them taking care of her constantly, this woman might have been dead by now. God has hers and our days numbered, only He knows when He will call each of us home.

Until then, Sister Cornelia feels much better. She has an aunt coming to stay with her for a few days.

All through the grace of our Lord!
Ana Popa


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