Brothers and sisters, this is a call to prayer! I know, just about our every report has this call in it! It’s the need of God’s answer in every situation that makes us ask for people to pray. I am sure that you have prayer requests as well, and as a team, we would be more than honored to talk to the Father about them.

But until you’ve send them to us, allow me to introduce you to a sister in faith where Andreea and Lidia –our nurses- go daily. Cornelia is a 78 years old sister in faith. She is now a widow and lives by herself. Her husband died last year.
As a couple, they use to be involved in distributing Bibles during communism days. This obviously brought about constant surveillance, persecution and ultimately, got their son killed by the secret police. Sad story but miraculously, strengthen the family’s faith. Every since she’s a widow, Cornelia’s health suffered a lot. Kidney and heart failure and doctors say, there might be Alzheimer developing.
Andreea met her a couple of years ago when she was such a strong woman in faith. But age, sorrow and poor health have weakened this lady. So she cried for help.
Andreea and Lidia went over to help her get home from the hospital a few weeks ago and every since they visit her daily. Lately, even up to 3 times a day. She really had them panic a few times as she just happens to forget things. Like having the stove turned on, with no flame on and the smell of gas spreading generously in her apartment. Or taking too many pills that she shouldn’t.

Perhaps this happens to many old people you know and you do understand why they need prayer. In their loneliness and maybe senile estate, they are vulnerable.

Please pray for Cornelia and for our nurses!
Thank you for your faithfulness,
Ana Popa


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