Amazing grace!

I know we’re used to all the good reports and to all the grateful words of praise we communicate to God.
Maybe it’s a moment’s excitement or just something mechanical.
When I think about Rau’ Sadului and at the powerful blessing I received there I am sure I can find a whole lot of words of gratitude, wholehearted words. Because the things I was made to be aware of give me wisdom, vision and comfort!

Praised be our dear Father because He brought together about 100 – ish souls, so that together we would find meanings for the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.
Even if it was a small group session or a meeting with all of us, even if we sang children’s songs and being hopeless in coordinating actions with words or even if we simply enjoyed a breathtaking landscape…we have so much to be thankful for…and it should be at least for the rest of the year!
Raul Sadului has been a time of blessing because the Good Lord’s hand was upon us!

In His Name we gathered!
Ana Popa for the ECM NA 2007 team


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