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Here are a few testimonies from the LDC Stupini 2008.
May they be a blessing to you all! After an extraordinary week at Stupini I gather my thoughts to write a few lines wishing them to be a blessing for others:
In my thinking, Supini 2008 was the best ECM conference from the 3 that I’ve been a part of.
I would like to thank Dave & Janet Shores, Maciek and Mary Stolarski and the one without whom these conferences wouldn’t be organized, Dwight Stone. With my deepest respect I pray God will bless them all and bless their mission.

Stupini 2008 changed radically my opinion on Jonah and reinforced the one I had about Joseph and Daniel – although I would have loved to study more about Daniel -.
Stupini’ conference was exactly what I needed and what everyone else needed. Whoever came to Stupini with an open and sincere heart saw God’s face (like Jacob did at Peniel), met God. We stood for one week on top and we learned from God. My batteries are charged now and I have some extra as well. It was amazing. As I said to the church on Sunday, only the people that were there can understand the change on our faces and in our lives.

The worship teams were superb, each one brought glory to our God. I am sure our Father smiled and was content with what went on at Stupini. I really think that God will wake up Romania for Him – and I know this from some churches in Romania that are already revived- and that’s why He prepares His people. We are chosen and authorized by God – as Mihai Falamas was saying- . I believe in a spiritual revival and I believe that God will rise up a generation of people who will stay in the gap. I think we are that generation. I am waiting for a revival and I am preparing for it now.
I learned what to do from Joseph, Jonah and Daniel. God chooses His people and He predestines them to serve.
I left home with two things in mind; to be selfish and gather all I can – to learn, to encourage, to advice, to rebuke- and to be everyone else’ servant. No one knew that but this showed me once again that God was there with me in every little detail. Only the presence full of grace and power of the Holy Spirit could have made this unity.

Thank you Lord for the speakers, for the worship teams, for the organizers, for the small groups, for the relationships and the friendships. Thank You for everything. As for me, I am preparing for the Revival in Romania and Europe. What are you doing? Soli Deo Gloria!

Bogdan Emanuel Radut – Craiova "This conference changed me a lot. It was a gift from God and may He bless us all for what you’ve done for us. And God willing, we hope to meet each other again next year. May the Lord be with you all."

Oana Enache – Targu Jiu Leadership Development Conference, Stupini 2008 – "The best, by far! I left Bucharest without being very sure I was doing the right thing… There had been some circumstances that made me consider whether I should or shouldn’t be going to the conference, but in the end I said: I’m going anyway… I didn’t know who my roommates would be, neither which of the 8 small groups would become my new small spiritual family for the next week (which was quite annoying for such an organized person as me)… But God knew everything!!!
Day 1… Dwight had a short introduction… And that’s when it hit me: I was in the right place! Nothing had happened by mistake…
Day 2 – Day 6… The studies, the worship, the people were amazing! Probably for the first time this year, I felt alive, dynamic, encouraged… We had good fun, but I’ll always remember Stupini 2008 as being the conference where God spoke directly to my heart! So straightforward!!! I received instructions as to what God wants me to do as never before… It was as if He was right there beside me, talking to me face to face… I’m so thankful for our teachers (Maciek, Dave and Dwight) and for their amazing wives (such great examples for us young ladies!!!).
After 7 days during which God’s power was revealed, I can only say that it’s overwhelming what He can do in and through some young people who commit their hearts fully to Him!

Praise the Lord!
Andra Bunea –Bucuresti


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