“For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light” Ephesians 5:8
The conference in Stupini, Brasov numbered around 130 participants this year. It was a good mix; we had teenagers, ready to serve, young people, with a thirst for knowing more from our Lord, and young families with children, ready to strengthen and be strengthen. The USA team came through and completed in a nice way our time there, either up front, preaching or doing workshops, or outside with the kids, doing VBS. What matters is that the Name of our Lord was glorified at this conference. We were (spiritually) fed, convicted, informed, and ready to live according to our status: children of light. And the important thing is to generate a constant and even more powerful light for those that are not only living in darkness, but those that are darkness themselves, as we once were.
I am grateful to our Lord for our small group. We were all young families, and it’s not as easy, especially for moms of young ones, to be fully there. But we shared from our own experiences, and in the context of Ephesians, what that means to be an imitator of God, to walk with Him and model that for our husband, wife or children. The main problem within a family is pride and that is linked to an unforgiving spirit but the apostle Paul is clear about that. Take off any of that that belongs to the old ways of living and with the help of God, put on the garments of light and fight for purity and for the Kingdom of God as a son or daughter of light. This is what it is to truly walk with the Lord.
I am grateful to our Lord that this event was made possible. I am also grateful to those who faithfully continue to give financially so that this ministry can go on.

May you all be encouraged in your walk with the Lord!
Ana Vasile
ECM Team-Romania


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