Over 100 young people attended the conference in Câmpina, city of Romania, on April 28th. The theme was “What God thinks about you”. Here are some thoughts:

“May God continue to bless you for everything that you have done. I pray that my children and the youth group of our church will take pleasure in the love of our Redeemer, and work among people. Only what we did for Him will count!”
M. – Vălenii de Munte

“Congratulations for what you did today! Thank you for you serving and I pray that God will reward you. The small group has been a nice challenge for me because expressing my ideas has meant a lot for me, a beginning that I really needed. Be blessed!”
V. – Brătășanca

“And this time I felt how God is calling me. I always hear His voice saying: . I feel motivated. May God be with us and bless us!”

“Being the first time when I attend a conference, I’ve been impressed of everything. May God bless you!”

“A very nice time spent in the presence of God!”

“First of all, thank you for the invitation and for your serving. It has been a blessed and encouraging time, but challenging as well. I have enjoyed the time we spent in worship and fellowship. God has talked to me as well through brother Dwight! Thank you!”
G. – Bucharest

“It was a great time, blessed with healthy spiritual food! I needed the encouragements I received in there!! I felt encouraged to see how important is for God His own ministry and it made me realize that I have to be much more serious and not to treat without respect the fact that He has chosen me to work for Him. Besides, I was encouraged as well to see so many young people giving their hearts to God and who bring their lives in front of Him from their youth.”
Samuel Ioncea- Bucharest

“I thank God for the opportunity He gave to me to be part of this conference.The subjects developed here are exactly the ones we/I struggle every single day and they gave me a lot to think about my life.I am still thinking about some topics from the conference.. and I hope God will help me to apply them in my life.”
Ana Ioncea- Bucharest

“ I thank God a lot for I went there. It was a very blessed time and a very strong message, which I had a lot to learn from- we usually report ourselves to people and the way they see us, but this time I heard what are God’s thoughts about us and it’s really beautiful to know what God thinks about you.”
Rebeca Iacob – Bucharest


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