Budesti, a small town of 10.000 souls, mostly gypsy…
Truly this place confirmed our Lord’s favor!

We started in one home, preaching God’s Gospel. Soon, we went house to house. We would drive into an area of town and scores of children would run to meet. Our meetings were outdoors but winter forced us to rent an office in town.
Soon, we needed a bigger place so, by God’s grace, some of you gave the funds to buy a building. It is now considered a church by the Baptist Union.
A family from Budesti asked us to visit a sister in Curcani, village 10 miles South. Once again, new people to hear God’s good news!
Two hours North of Bucharest, in Prahova County, we have a team spreading the Gospel. Slow going like each of these sites, but people are responding!
Friends, we understand God’s work here the same as it is recorded in Acts 14:26-28! Rejoice all of you who partner with us! Galatians 6:7-10

To be continued.
Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA Inc (Romania) 


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