Once upon a time in sector 4 …
This is how every Sunday story about Strada Rediului starts to unfold. It is never the same.
We toughed them the Samaritan’s story today! Only the Samaritan turned out to be a gypsy for them; we replaced the name because we wanted them to see that a gypsy can have the choice of doing good in stead of bad. They could see that a gypsy can be of help and can do meaningful things.
It sure was a Samaritan’s day for Ramona, the lady with two amputated legs. And this is because Andreea and some of the young men went to her house to take her something to eat and to encourage her. But she was not alone; there were other women there, as last Sunday, who asked a lot of questions about God and what it supposed to be a small visit turned into a bit of a Bible study.
Kati is one of Coca’s friends. She came last Sunday as well as this one and asked a lot of questions. At the end we prayed with her!

Praise God, the Gospel goes out to them! People hear the Word!
May they see the light, through Your grace Lord!
Ana Popa


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