Dear friends,
It’s a great encouragement for me to see, each Sunday, 25 to 30 kids willing to learn new things about our Heavenly Father, kids ready to rejoice together, sing together, do crafts together, eat and pray together!

*Just the other day one of the boys gave the right answer to one of the reviewing questions and got a candy for it. He did not eat it himself but gave it to his younger brother!!!

*Another thing that struck me was that many of them are very gifted in creating little things in our craft time. You would never think they are so talented but then, they come, they see, they do and surprise all of us!

*Also, the little boy holding tight to his sneakers…another simple, yet memorable moment! The second he received them, he wouldn’t let go of them, that’s how happy he was! They were his treasure.These are the small things I meant to share with you all, but so great in the sight of God. He is the One who definitely works in our hearts as well as in their hearts!

Praise God for He is alive and is the Only True God!
For the ECM team,
Luiza Ghetu


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