As Philadelphia Baptist Church of Bucharest grew, I and a number of our people went into a very poor area of Bucharest, after our church service. We met mostly gypsy people.
After some years of going on a regular basis, it was apparent we needed a building to meet in. So, by the grace of God, He moved some of you all to provide it.
A gypsy family with 4 daughters was living in a mud hut. We built a 2 story house where they live on the first level and we have the second level for our Sunday service.
The room fills up with poor children from the neighborhood and some parents. They learn God’s word.
This is in Sector 4 of Bucharest. Many have God’s word deep in their hearts.
That brings us to our next stop along God’s Acts 1:8 Road Map. A mother in Sector 4 talked to a relative in the town of Budesti, Romania (about 20 miles South).
For all of you reading this, remember how God views your partnership: 3 John 8!

To be continued…

Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA (Romania)


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