In a world where Rroma people and especially Rroma children are not highly regarded at all, I’ve met a precious 14 year old girl.
She comes from a large Turkish Rroma family: she has nine other siblings.
Her name is Neagra (The Black one), as her parents call her, but she changed her name into Ana – which means “mother” in Turk. And “mother” is what she really is for her siblings. Her parents are away in Italy, begging, and some of her siblings are staying with relatives.
Neagra “only” needs to take care of 2 younger sisters and a little brother.
They are living with the family in who’s house we have our Sector 4 meetings.

Neagra and her sisters have been a constant presence at the kids meetings for many years. But two or three months ago, something started to change in this girl’s life. She asked us for a Bible to read. She even started a small Bible study. She’s always paying attention to what we teach, she answers questions and she memorizes Bible verses. She opened up so much to us lately and she is asking a lot of questions about our Lord Jesus.

Neagra is asking God to come into her life and change her for good. She wants to love Christ with all her heart. And more, she even prays her family will come to know Christ! In the midst of a dark world, the light of the Lord started to shine in a child’s heart.

Andreea Chirita, ECM NA (ROMANIA) Team


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