Here we are, by the grace of God, at the end of another year filled with blessings in sector 4 of Bucharest!

It has been a tough road to walk on but God's love opened some hearts and helped the Gospel move forward. Many of the kids that are frequent to our meetings came closer to God. Their behavior has changed for the better and they show respect to God's Word - they read it, memorize it and whenever they face problems, they pray!

At the Christmas celebration 7 of the most hard-working kids have set up a great skit and it was just amazing to notice the effort they put into learning their lines and becoming actors, even if it was for 5 minutes.

As the end of the year is so close, we just want to share some of their own prayer requests:
Maria - "I want to stop being naughty"
Busca - "I want to learn how to tie my shoe laces" (and when she said that she was quite upset)
Nagi - "I want to have a phone"
Aise - "I want to find a job and I want my mom to come home" (her mom is off to Spain for work)
Mihai - "I want to have my share in the blessings of the Lord"
Samir - "I want to be better in school"
Georgiana - "I want to be able to learn by heart"
Meli - "I want my tests results to be better"
Maira - "I want my dad to come out of prison"
Bela & Claudia - "We want our mom and dad to come home" 
Goghi - I want to stop being naughty
Three of the mothers (Coca, Pitica, Nagi's mum) want us to pray for their health.

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."(Matt. 18:20)

May the joy, peace and love that only come from our Savior take roots in the hearts of these kids and their parents!


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