This is the report of one of our team mates. Geanina is a volunteer and she loves to help us in the ministry. Praise God for that!

“Hello everyone, we had a great time in Sector 4, glory to His Name. There were about 44 people in the room upstairs if we think of the kids and our team. Being in such a great numbered we finally decided to do both groups of kids. Although there were many new kids, the lesson went well, of course with minor interruptions.
Christ blessed the little children that were brought to Him. This was our theme for the day and the kids were very receptive, I think, and answered each time they were asked a question. Even the new kids did. It was pretty hard when songs came up because the new kids did not know them. But a good repetition of the old songs gave the children a bit of a push.
We thought that cereals and bananas were the best healthy option we could come up with to feed the children, since outside was very hot and we had no fridge. They all loved it.
Thank you for your prayers and participation, whether you are near of far.

Love in Christ,
Geanina ”


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