When there’s news of earth quakes, like the one in New Zeeland, or uprisings, like the ones in Africa – Egypt, Tunisia, Libya – one cannot help on wondering if these are the last days we’re living in. 
And if indeed, according to the Word of God, these are the last days, then, all the more should we love more one another, should we care more for our enemies and frankly, die to ourselves.
Die to our selfishness and live for God’s glory.

One of the symbols spring brings to Romanians, for thousands of years archeologists say, is one of rebirth, regeneration, fight between good and evil. “Martisor” is a talisman tied to a piece of red and white string and its very name signifies an endearing name for the month of March. It used to mean the beginning of a New Year for the Thracians and even Romans –our ancestors – and people use to wear it or offer it to one another hoping the New Year would bring rich crops and a good health. It still happens today, and women usually are the beneficiaries. Yay! All the markets are filled with snowdrops and hyacinths. And most men are suddenly becoming preoccupied and have their arms filled with bags and flower bouquets.

First month of the year in the old times! Well, if you think about it, it makes sense. Even the names of the months derived from Latin tell us that: September for example comes from “septimus” – the 7th; December – “decimus” – the 10th. Our prayer in this “first” month of the year is for a “rich crop” as well. All the events in the world lead to what the Apostle Paul said: “The Lord is near”. Our Savior comes back for us! All the more should we wait for Him! Actively.

Sector 4 is one of those places where God’s love is being expressed…week after week. With every lesson, with every first-aid advice, with every song and sandwich or just a simple hug. Serving there makes us think we are hastening the day of the coming of the Lord. Praying for all of these young hearts to be touched by the Gospel. The need of light is so great there!

May you be in good health and ready for our Savior!
Ana Popa


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