God is faithful.
More and more children started to arrive. We do know that for years and years of when we tried to teach them to be punctual.
Yet they seem to be unpredictable. We were encouraged though to see that from one meeting to another they seem to increase in their number.
Maybe, we thought, old habits die hard after all.

Geanina is a voluntary for the ministry.
The minute she arrived to our local church she decided to help out with the kids in sector 4 as well. She plays the guitar and they are thrilled. This was the first time when she taught the older kids and it went great.
Then Adi played a game with them to make them remember what the lesson had to point out. Ramonica, Sami and Ana are the ones who help out with the singing, food, craft and discipline. Cristi and Andreea are the ones who mostly talk to the adults who come around. Everyone does something because all who help out are God’s saved souls. The dynamic is wonderful. God works in ways we cannot see. We’re praying for a church there, for God’s word to be heard by the people who live in darkness in sector 4.

Pray with us!
Ana Popa


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