Sector 4, Budesti and Hulubesti.
What do these three places have in common? First of all, lack of God. God’s wisdom, God’s power, God’s guidance, God’s counseling, God’s love. What can we do about it? Pray. And prayers lead us to actions. All of these places have poor children, gypsies, illiterates, thieves, people who take advantage of us and so forth.
But Christmas is coming and this is another way of letting them know that there is a Savior. It’s not just a fairytale or some church trick. It’s real and it’s there to save.

So on the 18th of December we will be doing a Christmas Caroling day on some of the streets of Budesti. The many children there can’t wait for it and they already learned the lyrics of the carols. They will get a Christmas present. We’re appealing to people in the church for some toys and we’ll be buying them some fruits maybe. Please pray!

And then, the very next day, on the 19th, the Christmas Carol service in Sector 4 will have the children singing for us. Until then they put hard work into rehearsing. It’s so new and beautiful to them that makes everything very exciting. Some will invite their parents. At the end they will also have some little presents. Please pray!

The Hulubesti children are on good hands. They learn about Christ and they also learn to read and write. It’s a huge step for some of them, as it is in Sector 4. No one before has ever given them the time of day. On the 21st of December there might be a Christmas caroling session around the village, if the weather allows it and also some presents. Please pray!

Praying takes courage and love. One brings before God’s throne of grace other people’s needs. Talks to the Father about it. That creates a closeness that can only be described as godly. Thank you for considering it!

In Christ, Ana Popa


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