Football in sector 4 now there’s a new opportunity to show people who we are and what we do. This is the whole idea behind this project.
I thank the Lord for every opportunity He gave me. I am meeting so many young people. But not only that. I can actually make friends with them; it must be strange for them because I am doing something small for them without asking anything in return.

The guys were pretty suspicious at the beginning. They could not understand how and why I would choose to go play football with them: me a Romanian with them, some gypsies. But thank God that I could make friends with them and our relationship is better now.

It is my prayer that I have more opportunities to share more of the Gospel with them and make new friends.
I do not want to make them feel like we’re alluring them into football only to convert them. That would be actually dangerous; it’s a very delicate area to work in.

I don’t know what God’s purpose in all of this is but my other prayer is to find a gypsy brother who would join me each Thursday when I rent the football pitch. I also pray that the right person would come along with the right Biblical message. Ultimately, and I want to be a testimony for them all through my own life.

Lord, give us victory!
Adi Ghetu


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