About the ministry in sector 4

How it all began
One summer Sunday of 2009 I was asked to help out with the transportation the Sector 4 team. And of course I wanted to help out. What I can testify is that since that day, my life suffered tremendous changes. If until then all I wanted to do after church was go home and sleep, that Summer Sunday changed it all.
So every Sunday now, all I want to do is go to Sector 4 and help out not just with transportation, but with the organizing, with the songs, with everything I can think of.

Trials and troubles
Every time I go through troubles I remember the children. And I realize that there’s no reason in the world that can make me not to be thankful to God for everything He has done for me. I have a bed I can sleep in, I have food even if sometimes it’s just old bread – yes, there have been moments like this in my life-, I am healthy – well, more healthy that some of this kids are – and I am not exposed to what they are exposed to each day.

The Kids
To see their innocence, sufferance and their daily living made me want to give my own strength of character, made me want to be there for them, made me want to hug them and show them the love they long for and the love they don’t really receive from their parents.
We have divided the children in two groups now: the older and the younger, though in the same room. That made both groups be more attentive and more responsive. The program is different, we try, each Sunday. But we basically sing, teach, do crafts, feed them, and have some cartoons on for them. It’s fun for them and for us.
God made me want to give away many of the cloths I have, in order to get to them. I do the same with my work mates. I go around and ask them if they have anything they don’t wear anymore or if they want to give away anything for these kids.
If they were mean and wild at the beginning, they were talking dirty and were very loud, now I can see a big change in them. They are actually happy and they are full of hope because someone is helping them out and loves them, even if as a team we’re there for only 2 hours or so. I am very thankful to our Father because He gave me such an opportunity to work with these poor but lively children.

The ministry
This ministry is alive! And I say this because Satan does not sleep; on the contrary, he wants to destroy everything. I am sure he is not happy about the changes in sector 4 that are happening with and through Christ our King. But our enemy tries to divide the team through tiredness, lack of patience, stress, disagreements.
Thank God that behind everything our Almighty God is at work and the church is praying, our friends supporters are praying, our fellow workers in the ministry are praying.

Point of it all
All I want to say is that whenever we reach out and help somebody in the Name of our Lord, whether young or old, we are gathering a treasure in Heaven where it lasts for ever.

May our Lord help us praise Him and worship Him and may we continue to be faithful and humble before him.
Ramona Ionescu


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