What is heaven and how is hell going to be? When does Jesus return and why aren’t we all children of God?!?
These are the questions of pre-teens in Sector 4. You can imagine now our discussions. They are very deep of 12 year old children. And it’s a surprising mixture with spirituality and their own life experience.
The grown ups now are gathering before Sunday school starts and for an hour they sit and chat and ask questions concerning Christ’ life, death, resurrection.
The little children are enjoying speaking and learning how to properly pray, as well as crafts.
They all are very excited because next week we are starting to learn Christmas carols and little poems and verses to go with it all. We are preparing a Christmas Carol service you see and we need to be as much ready as possible. The condition for them is to participate to our every Sunday meeting and be active during class.

Hopefully the extremely muddy roads will allow the class to have enough students to prepare it. But as far as I see it, a little mud didn’t stop them from coming. It’s the road they take to hope. Hope for a better future, hope for life.

That being said, may all praises be to our Mighty Father in Heaven, who sees us sitting down and rising, who understands our every question and answers our prayers!
Ana Popa


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