Has anyone seen the movie Avatar? Not that you should, the creatures in it are a bit blueishly looking, so no resemblance with us human. It’s a title thing though!
Avatar means reincarnation of a deity and in the film, a fulfilled prophesy. No resemblance to Christ whatsoever, some say, although the hero of the film saves the people and the planet. But have you noticed people’s preoccupation for the mysterious, the occult, and the need for an explanation of the things beyond? And it’s everywhere: films, books, news!

We’re no avatars in sector 4, but we’re going there to save people. Not through our own strength or skills, but by God’s power.
Who are we? We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were entreating through us’ (2 Corinthians 5). And what’s our mission? Beg people on behalf of Christ to be reconciled to God. It’s mid September already and as a team we had a meeting to clarify a few things before going further on with our plans. Since you’re partners with us, we thought it’d be nice to share some of these things with you.

The value of a team
Nothing brings more encouragement to others than unity. So this is why we come together in prayer before starting our Sunday program.

New plans lead to new prayers
When there’s only one room and too many children, there comes a time when we need new solutions. So, we divided them into two groups; the small one and the big one. Each group has its corner and soon we hope some new chairs and tables.

Some of the people we’ve met at the mobile clinic organized here at the end of July live on Rediului Street, the place where we meet. Therefore some of the guys and occasionally a nurse started a few Sundays ago to go talk to these people. Pretty responsive to hear us but not very excited to meet in a place where the gipsies would come, or in a place where another group would come.

So here are our prayers:
We need God’s grace in all of this.
Wisdom & patience to teach both groups of children;
Wisdom and love to preach Christ on Rediului Street;
Wisdom and good stewardship to buy some of the appliances for our upstairs room.
Wisdom to seek God’s help in everything, knowing Christ is our Lord!

Thank you for all your help,
In Christ, our Wonderful Councillor
Ana Popa

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