Unless you become as a child….

As a child, spending your day next to swings, fresh air and a happy meal is great.
As a poor child, with no chances of a very bright future, spending your day like this it means paradise!

Mishta, the 17 year old Down syndrome girl, said that she is a very happy and good child.

Neagra is the oldest of eight siblings. She is entangled all the time and busy taking care of Sibela, a younger sister and she’s always followed around by a few siblings. But on Saturday she could be by herself and play along with other kids that she didn’t need to take care of and act her age for once.

Cristina and Elvetianu (The Swiss man) are some of the first children we worked with on Rediului Street. They were happy to be with us and with their little niece, Regina.

Mihai wanted for such a long time to win an outing with us, and he made it. He was so excited!
So was Ludovic!

You can win too! If you’re part of our meetings, if you’re active when we’re asking questions, if you’re polite and always want to do a nice craft.
Adi, Ramonica, Cristi and Dwight were the perfect team to take good care of the children.

May the Name of God be praised!
Ana Popa


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