Did you know that our God is the God of the entire universe? And did you know that He hears our breath and He knows our most intimate thoughts? God knows when we’re sitting down and when we’re getting up; when we’re broken, forgotten or happy.
He is El Shaddai, God Almighty! And His Name is proclaimed every Sunday before the children on Rediului Street! Those who have ears to hear, do hear. Those who seek Him, shall find Him!

The children listened to an unusual story this Sunday; not just about Moses, but about the blood of a the lamb that covered the houses of jewish people in the land of Goshen, on a night when all the first born of Egyptians were dieing. The ten plagues got our children thinking. And of course, because they are into adventures, they learned them by heart. That was a good enough reason to reward them, don’t you think?
They love the songs, the games and everything that gets their attention. And of course, they’re curious; it’s the right age for that. So, for our craft on Sunday we learned how to make a watch. A plastic plate, paper pattern watch, glue and a little color were enough to make it work. But that also brought up something new for some of them. Learning how to tell time! Oh wow, you should have seen their little faces lighting up when they finally got it!
We’re happy they enjoy their joy when they eat, learn or brush their teeth.

There are joys for us too, even though we’re frustrated by their lack of discipline and manners and interest sometimes! But you know what? No pain, no gain.

It’s all by grace!
Ana Popa


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