Sector 4 Each Sunday we have to expect a few things to happened. The children are the same, they expect as well. One could say that it’s a routine. Is it a good thing? It is sometimes. There’s a habit created where one, or in this case, all the children, do know what to expect.
God teaches us patience on Sunday, in Sector 4. In His own unique way. God also teacher the children patience. It’s amazing. As a team we’ve learned as well – yes, we still have a lot to learn – that God teaches us what it means to wait. He teaches the children to wait as well. 


But you see, there are two kinds of waiting, two kinds of patience. Let me explain.
We’re taught patience when it comes to the children’s discipline. The kids learn patience differently; they learn – or try to – how to speak only when they’re asked to, they learn – we hope so – to behave. So is waiting.

Our waiting refers to the fruit. We’re waiting to see which child will come to repentance in our Lord Jesus Christ. The kids wait for us to see what goodies they can get. Fair enough, I would wait for the same thing if I were them.
So whether we teach them about our Lord Jesus Christ, about Isaac and Rebecca, about Esau or Jacob, we do pray that, through grace, they would be touched by the Word. Because the Word gives life. Pray : for the kids and for us. God is the Truth! May He become their truth!


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