"The way God blesses the work in Sector 4 makes us give our Lord all the glory! Even if we have sometimes trials in sector 4, our Lord opened another door for the Gospel through our friend there, Coca, who comes regularly to our meetings.
Budesti is a village close to Bucharest where Coca has some relatives, a big family we visited on Monday this week.
They were so warm towards us and they were so receptive on the songs, the games, and the message that made us feel blessed and refreshed!
I was deeply impressed by the afternoon we spent there that I can’t wait to go back!"
Luiza Ghetu

"I rejoice in our Lord who is always ready to bring blessings and good news to those in need.
In Colossians 4:2-6 we are told to pray for openings like the one we just experienced.
OH!!! our Lord is so faithful to answer our prayers.
May we all thank Him for all good things.He is worthy to be praise both now and forever more.
Our thanks to all our partners who serve with us here in Romania."
Dwight Stone

"All I can write here is that the waiting of the righteous is only joy. It’s more then mere enthusiasm; it’s about a fulfillment of the soul that feeds the human spirit.
Ok, enough philosophy for now, so I am just thanking our Lord for the strength, the wisdom and the joy He offered us in Budesti.
When I wrote about the waiting of the righteous I also referred to our literal waiting for a few hours so that all the team could gather and be on the way to this village where everyone in that house was so warm to us.
We found children and adults waiting for us, all with a big smile of intrigue, wonder and joy.
After Dwight’s message and a few of us speak, we started to teach the children, but the other people stayed as well.
It was truly beautiful to see Coca giving them explanations – like, our Lord Jesus going to die like a lamb ready to be slaughtered – or Georgiana, her daughter, telling by heart verses and songs. All the children were repeating and learning, singing and feeling good.
We prepared a Christian magazine and a salvation bracelet for each of the children, as a souvenir, whilst they were outside the house playing different sports games with the others from our team. Then we prayed the prayer they all knew: "Our Father thou art in Heaven"…and we left home.
It was raining cats and dogs when we left, God’s way of ending a long and blessed day.
Thank You, Lord!"
Ana Popa


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