Saturday was a day of amazement for me in Budesti, caused by a little event.
Last Saturday, on the 24th of August, when we were getting ready to leave, an old lady with a can came to me and asked for 1 Ron to buy some bread. I gave her the little money, she thanked me and she left.
Only to discover the same old lady waiting for us on the 31st of August. I told her: “I brought you some nice fresh bread”. I was waiting for her to take the bread and leave. But she stayed for the whole kids program. We sang, we prayed and we got to our Bible lesson. The little old lady was listening so carefully, that she forgot to close her mouth. At some point two of boys started to talk and disrupt the lesson. The old lady hushed them and said: “You boys be quiet, I want to listen to what this girl is saying here, because I hear some really interesting things!” They all listened to me quietly and at the end the old lady said in a surprised voice “Oh my, what did I just hear!” She left without asking for anything else, money or bread. All the kids wanted something from me, but not the old lady.
I felt blessed by the Word of God that worked so miraculously in the heart of this old lady.

For the ECM team,
Lidia Panait


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