Lucica is one of the ladies that faithfully attend the church in Budești and even brought her sister and family to the church in Bucharest. She is a very open honest person who humbled herself before the Lord, confessing her sin and declaring her great desire to know more of the Truth! She has 2 young boys and, together with her husband, earns a living by selling fruits and vegetables in the streets of Bucharest (30 km away from home).

It is very encouraging to hear her testify of the Lord’s love and faithfulness for her and her family! Just recently she was in the street, selling fruits (but very worried and discouraged by her day to day needs) and some person came to her saying: “The Lord loves you, dear daughter of God! Be strong and encouraged! Don’t give up!” This person also bought all her grapes so she got some extra cash for her needs! Wow! The Lord IS good!

Another story is that she was on the public bus and right next to her, two gypsy men were trying to read from the Bible, but because they could hardly understand anything, she offered to read it to them and even explain some of it. They ended up staying on that bus until it reached the end of the line and they were still talking from the Bible. How honored she felt that the Lord would entrust to her, a baby in the faith, sharing and explaining Him to others! Once again, the Lord IS good and He IS alive!

John 20:24-29 was the text read and studied for the joy of those who were present last Sunday in Budești. At the end Lucica shared with us some of her thoughts. She said: “God is bringing in my life believers and I am very encouraged. I always have in my mind a question: what would happen to me if the Lord Jesus comes today? I know that I’m a child of God because I received Him in my heart as my Savior but do I live as a believer? My behavior changed, the way I speak to the others changed, but there are still many changes to be done. I am praying for a lady next to my house who has some psychological problems. Every time I hear her screaming I am aware of the fact that only the Lord can heal her.”

It’s amazing how this ordinary people can be concerned about eternal life and about their attitude towards God. My greatest joy was when Vergina, one of the women who attends our meetings started to learn Bible verses and to be more interested about the Word of God. She asked us to visit her relatives from the next village and share the Gospel with them.

JOHN 1:3-5 New International Version (NIV) - "Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
Sandina Ioncea


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