Please pray for the women who are coming to our Bible study, that they may have peace in their hearts and at home, with their husbands. 
We studied lately from John 15 and our Lord explains to us so very clearly that the world hates us because they first hated Him.
Maria was comforted by these words. She told us the painful way her husband treated her each time she would come back from our meetings. So she thought of not coming anymore and to just stay at home and pray, it that would keep her husband’s fury away. But she came though, after her kids managed to soften their dad’s heart.
Maria is not the only one who has a hard time just because she hangs out with the “Jesus’ freaks”. People laugh of many, who come, but they don’t care, they would not miss the meetings for anything.
God strengthen us and the grown-ups through His Word! Each prayer we’ve heard was simple yet so sincere.

May our Lord be praised for all His work of saving souls from death!
Sandina Ioncea


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